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Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
Hello ,

I am Phillip. I am an artist who likes to deal with prehistoric animals , and an animator. See here as I make a long forgotten world resurrect. So here you can find realistic prehistoric creatures : Liopleurodon, Allosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, etc.

But i will also draw other extinct or living lifeforms such as mammals , insects , plants , fishes , amphibians , worms , mollusks , sponges , coralls , crabs and many more !! My purpose is to reconstruct our living planet on my Deviantart - website .

Enjoy my work !! :D
Good day everyone.

Today I will reveal some facts about Onchopristis. What most of you probably know is that Onchopristis was the main meal of Spinosaurus. Often we find teeth of Spinosaurus that stick in sawfish's fossils. But we also found out something special. Onchopristis probably died out around the same time when the dinosaurs died out. Meaning, Onchopristis survived all spinosaurids and survived until the Maastrichtian age , the very late cretaceous .


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Please talk like a fully- grown human, not like a child. And this is what you don't like .
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